Battery Powered String Lights

Battery powered string lights provide you with the flexibility to be very creative with light displays for any event, whether it be a party or Christmas display. Because you have a battery power source you can place them in a jar (or row of jars) for an amazing effect.

They all feature very thin, but durable cords so you can wind them to outline things or wrap around a lamp post or Christmas tree. They are most suitable for indoor use as the battery box must be kept dry.

All of them feature energy saving LED string light sets, some with white lights and other have different colors available. Some of the lights have several modes such as steady and twinkling for a special effect.

I have chosen these particular battery operated lights as they all have an Amazon rating of 4 stars or better out of 5 with numerous reviewers by users who have used the product. Also I provide a price comparison to from different on-line sources to ensure you get the best value.

Note that all styles require 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Table of Contents: 7 1/2 feet with 20 lights / 9 1/2 feet with 30 lights / 7 feet with many colors / 6 1/2 feet with many colors

Rtgs Micro LED 20 Super Bright Cold White Battery Operated Lights

Rtgs Micro LED 20 Super Bright Cold White Battery Operated LightsAn awesome set of 20 lights that glow very bright and look beautiful. Much brighter than Starry Lights or Fairy Lights. The small battery box is easy to hide so this gives you lots of place where they can be used.

  • 20 super bright warm white small LED lights
  • 6 1/2 foot long silver ultra-thin bendable and sturdy wire
  • 4 inch distance between bulbs
  • 12 inch clear cable Between wire and battery Box (total length 7 ½ feet)
  • Lights have over 20 years of life
  • Clear and small battery box
  • Steady 360 degree viewing angle they illuminate in every direction

Note: Other sets include a timer mode or 60 lights.

Where to Buy?

This impressive lights are available from Amazon and currently on eBay at the same price.

Innootech 30 LED String Lights Battery Operated

Innootech 30 LED String Lights Battery OperatedThese lights are available in a choice of 5 colors and two types of white. In addition you can set the mode to either steady or flashing for different uses. Like the style above it has a clear battery case with on and off switch.

  • 3M/30 LED lamp beads string lights
  • Choice of colors
  • Two modes which you can choose with a switch including steady and flashing
  • Clear plastic battery case with on and off switch
  • Bulbs are 10 cm apart
  • Cord is 9.8 feet long

Note: This is not a waterproof lights, to maintain the long life span, you shall keep it from rain or damp environment.

Where to Buy?

This eco-friendly light set is available from Amazon and also on eBay, but at a higher prices..

Supernight 20 LED Warm Fairy Lights Strings Battery Powered

Supernight 20 LED Warm Fairy Lights Strings Battery PoweredA warm and soft fairy or starry string of lights available in an amazing variety of different colors. Like some of the others they provide a steady 360 degree viewing angle while they illuminate in every direction.

  • 7 foot cord with 20 LED lights
  • Many different colors of light sets available
  • Mini lights
  • Thin copper wire
  • Battery powered

Where to Buy?

This set of soft lights is available from Amazon.

BINZET Super Bright Party Lighting

BINZET Super Bright Party LightingDecorative starry lights which provide an elegant sparkling glow that can be seen from any angle. And you have a great choice of colors to suit any suitable from Christmas décor to a wedding party.

  • Choice of colors
  • 20 Energy saving LED lamp beads quantity
  • Length is 2 meters/6.5 feet
  • The distance between two lamp beads: 10cm
  • Copper wire which is bendable
  • Function mode is steady-on

Where to Buy?

These sparkling set of string lights are available from Amazon.

Click here to see more choices of the style above, but then there are remote control Christmas lights as well. If you are looking for some battery powered string lights for Christmas of a party these provide you the opportunity to decorate in many creative way.


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