Best BMX Bikes for Kids

This page will help you select the best BMX bike for kids. Besides the traditional BMX model there are freestyle, dirt jumpers and bikes for girls and beginners as well. Whether heading to a skate park or the trails for some racing these bikes provide a thrilling experience for any kid. And finding the right gift can sometimes be difficult so take a look at this selection of BMX bikes.

A BMX is a dirt ready race bike with knobby tires and lightweight frame; while a freestyle is sturdy stunt and trick bike for riding at bike parks and a dirt jumper is a combination of BMX and freestyle with sturdy frame and wheels for use on trails and jumping ramps.

Some of the best BMX (Bike Motocross) bikes for kids which generally feature 20 inch wheels, knobby tires, upright handlebars and are designed for racing on dirt trails. These bikes BMX bikes for kids are generally made of aluminum or chromoly steel which is cheaper but heavier.

These are the Best BMX Bikes for Kids which are perfect for performing stunts and tricks at your skatepark or for agressive street riding, click on Amazon links below to check them out.

#1 Razor Girls Angel Bike (White 20-Inch)
Razor Girl”s Angel Bike (White 20-Inch)

#2 Razor Quick Spin Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
Razor Quick Spin Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels)


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