Bike for 2 Year Old

You will find the best available bike for 2 year old on this page. Featured are tricyles, balance bikes and two wheelers in a variety of styles and prices so you are sure to find one for your child. These bikes provide an exhilarating experience which helps to build self confidence while having lots of fun.

A tricycle makes an perfect first first bike for a 2 year old. Kids love the independence these simple bikes provide.

The popular Strider Balance Bike fits young riders perfectly and they are a great way to get used to balancing on two wheels. Sturdy and lightweight, they make a the perfect first bike because there are no pedals to worry about as they ride about. Even a 2 year can have some great adventures on this bike.

A tricycle with a push handle lets parents get to control the steering and speed while you walk. Kids love that they can put their feet to the pedals and help or can take a rest at times secure in the knowledge that Mom or Dad is behind supporting. Your kids will be having so much fun they will not even realize this are getting some great exercise and using up that extra energy all kids of this age seem to have. Introduce your 2 year old to the joy of cycling today!

#1 Schwinn Boys 12-Inch Grit Bike
Schwinn Boys” 12-Inch Grit Bike

#2 Fisher-Price Rock Roll n Ride Trike XL
Fisher-Price Rock Roll “n Ride Trike XL

#3 Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike
Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

#4 Radio Flyer Girls Classic Dual Deck Tricycle Pink
Radio Flyer Girls Classic Dual Deck Tricycle

#5 Strider ST-3 PREbike (Pink)
Strider ST-3 PREbike

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