Candy Cane Rope Lights

I have found that the simple colors of red and white candy cane rope lights can provide a striking Christmas display. Sometimes having just two colors can be more effective than a large number of colors, particularly true of colors like blue or purple which are not traditional seasonal colors. I must say the red color in these sets works really well providing great contrast if you have snow on the ground.

It is a tradition of the Christmas season is to decorate your home inside and outside with brightly colored lights. In my neighborhood almost the entire street has yard decorations outside with an amazing array of color as you look up and down. In this sea of color my home only features two colors so it tends to stand out from the others.

Candy canes are traditional at this time of year and having these lights with these colors as part of your display is just as popular. These chains of lights are very flexible in lengths and construction so they can be wound around a pillar, post, and tree or of course along the edge of your home. Purple Christmas tree lights are also another option if looking for something different.

These lights can be just as effective indoors on your Christmas tree or lining a mantle and everyone will appreciate using these traditional colors around your home. I have picked two Candy Cane Rope Stripe Light offers which have varied lengths of cord plus one more decorative style.

Table of Contents: 8’3″ of Lighted Candy Canes / 12′ LED Rope Light / 18′ Rope Light

Lighted Outdoor Candy Cane Christmas Lawn Stakes 28″

Lighted Outdoor Candy Cane Christmas Lawn StakesOne option is to use ready-made 28 inch tall candy canes which include the bright red and white lights to line and light up your sidewalk or driveway. They can easily be incorporated into a larger display including multiple Christmas themes. This set is already linked together but you can connect additional sets to form a longer chain if necessary for an attractive look.

  • 3 piece set
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Shimmering effect as lights twinkle at random
  • 35 inch spacing between the candy canes
  • 51 clear mini lights
  • Candy canes are 28 inches tall
  • Total length of 8’3”

Best Price?

The cheapest price right now is at Amazon while eBay had widely varied, but more expensive prices.

Mr. Light Linkable 12 Foot Candy Cane LED Rope LightMr. Light Linkable 12 Foot Candy Cane LED Rope Light

The second set is 12 feet long with the red and white rope light containing popular white LED lights in a candy cane molded tube. Would be an excellent choice for accent lighting on a tree, fence or similar.

  • White LED bulbs inside candy cane tube
  • Lights spaced 2 inches apart
  • Can link up to 10 sets of lights for a great display
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Best Price?

The best price is available on Amazon.

Vickerman 18 Foot Red/White Rope Light

Vickerman 18 Foot Red White Rope LightThis set is 18 feet long for a flexible display and is made of super bright incandescent bulbs spaced a close one inch apart inside heavy gage wire.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Super bright incandescent bulbs
  • Made of heavy gauge wire
  • 1 inch bulb spacing
  • 18 foot long
  • 5 foot lead

Note: not as bright as LED lights but still look great

Where to Buy?

Available on Amazon (cheapest price) and eBay (widely varied and higher prices).

Click here if you want to see some more choices. This Christmas get a set of Candy Cane Rope Lights to create a display that will be admired by family, friends and neighbors.

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