Cat Christmas Tree Topper

A cat Christmas tree topper is something that would be appreciated by any cat lover. Many cats themselves are curious and just love climbing around these seasonal trees and even perching on the top.

But these are not the cat tree toppers I am suggesting but instead Christmas decorations that will have a place of honor in your home. I was only able to find two different styles although both rate highly on Amazon from the few people who have taken the time to review them.

Tree Topper Table of Contents: Hello Kitty / Sassy Cat / Cat Angel

Kurt Adler Hello Kitty Christmas Tree Topper

Kurt Adler Hello Kitty Christmas Tree TopperAny fan of Hello Kitty products would love to add this to their collection, and it particularly works well on a pink tinsel Christmas tree in a bedroom. Hello Kitty is wearing a pink robe with trim while holding a set of bells.

  • Kurt Adler Hello Kitty tree toppers
  • Measures 10 ½ inches high x 8 ½ wide and 5 ½ in diameter
  • Measures 8 inches
  • Unlit
  • Cone makes for easy attachment to tree
  • Made of plastic and polyester

Note: also consider Hello Kitty Christmas pyjamas for a complete theme.

Where to Buy?

I have only been able to find this item on Amazon and at a higher price currently on eBay.

Bethany Lowe Sassy Cat Tree Topper

Bethany Lowe Sassy Cat Tree TopperWhile this is really a tree topper for those who decorate at Halloween, it can serve a dual purpose and top your tree during any season. This black cat works really well for white trees with black Christmas ornaments or if you have a black and white theme.

  • Bethany Lowe Halloween Sassy Cat Tree Topper
  • Made of pressed paper and wire
  • Approximately 6 1/8″ tall
  • Wire cone fits easily on your tree

Where to Buy?

This item is available from Amazon and for about the same prices on eBay.

Cat Angel Tree Topper

Cat Angel Tree TopperThe is an angelic cat tree topper lets you evoke the spirit of Christmas in a very unique way. Dressed in a lovely gown of white dotted nylon net and ruffled lace over satin, accented with silver streamers and wings, and topped with a silver halo.

  • Cat Angel dressed in white gown (also available in gold)
  • White color
  • 10 ½ inches high
  • Clear plastic cone for easy mounted

Where to Buy?

Difficult to locate but is currently available on eBay, also at Everything but the Dog and on K9 Gifts.

We also feature Snowman Christmas Tree Toppers and more Traditional Christmas Tree Topper Ideas.

Consider a Cat Christmas Tree Topper in either style for a different theme this year that is sure to be a lot of fun and spark plenty of conversation from family and friends.

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