Old Fashioned Wooden Toys

These old fashioned wooden toys for toddlers and infants are well build and include wooden trains, horses, building blocks, pull toys, and more colorful toys. Many encourage creative play in a positive learning environment, healthy social interaction. Take a step back in time and look at this huge array of fun wooden toys for toddlers today.

Wooden push and pull toys for toddlers will help improve coordination and balance while having lots of fun while they learn.

Wooden blocks for kids have been a favorite for years. These wooden blocks easy to use with the structure only limited by the imagination of the child. I remember as a child this was my favorite toy with the set growing as I did, what about you?

Click on the Amazon links below for current prices of these old fashioned wooden toys.

#1 Melissa & Doug Car Carrier
Melissa & Doug Car Carrier

#2 Plan Toys Dancing Alligator
Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

#3 Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks
Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

#4 Stork Craft Rocking Horse Oak
Stork Craft Rocking Horse Oak

#5 Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
Melissa & Doug Stacking Train

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