Purple Christmas Tree Lights

Do you love everything color purple? If you do I have selected a several of the most popular purple Christmas tree lights that are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use to create an amazing display.

If you are planning an outdoor display take a look at the length of the cords and spacing of the bulbs in particular as they can vary quite a bit. Having one color such as purple for your display has an amazing impact and really makes these bright bulbs stands out.

For indoors, especially with a white Christmas Tree, any of these chains of lights will look impressive on your tree. One style even features a rare white cord which works really well.

All of these lights have received numerous reviews on Amazon and are rated 4 stars out of 5 or better. And one set features LED bulbs to help conserve energy.

Table of Contents: 32′ LED / 50′ Commercial Grade / 33′ with white cord

String Purple Lights for Christmas

String Decorations of Purple LightAn inexpensive string of 100 bright and pretty purple LED lights. What is especially good about this set is that it offers 8 different lighting effects and pattern choices: not only just all on, but also flashing, flash, dimming slowly then brightening slowly to make it more interesting, especially if used on outdoor trees.

  • String light with 100 LED little bulbs
  • Low power consumption, safe and reliable
  • One-button-operation design
  • 8 different play modes
  • Can add additional chains
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Where to Buy?

Available from Amazon (cheapest) and at a wide range of prices on eBay.

Commercial Grade Christmas Purple Mini Light Set

Commercial Grade Christmas Purple Mini Light SetThis purple 100-light mini Christmas lights set is a very long 50 feet with 6 inch bulb spacing. Although commercial grade it is great for residential use as well.

  • Purple 100 mini light set on 50-Foot green wire
  • End-to-End Connection – String Up to 5 Sets Together For 250′ On One Plug
  • If one bulb burns out the rest stay lit
  • UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Stackable fused plug with 2 extra 3 amp fuses

Best Buy!

This string of lights is available from Amazon and for a higher price on eBay.

Vickerman 100 Purple Lights with White Wire

Vickerman 100 Purple Lights with White WireWhile not as long as the style above at 33 feet this is still and long string of lights. Really special is the white wire, really effective on White Christmas trees.

  • 4 Inch spacing on a 33 foot cord
  • UL Approved Outdoor Use
  • Has end-connector to connect multiple sets together
  • Lamp-Lock Bulbs to prevent loose bulbs or bulbs from falling out

Best Buy!

Available from Amazon and at a higher price on eBay.

We also have a selection of red and green Christmas lights if that is your preferred theme color. However Click here to see additional choices if purple is your color. For a truly unique display this year, consider these purple Christmas Tree Lights.


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