Snowman Christmas Tree Topper

Stand back and admire the Snowman Christmas Tree Topper and other decorations on Christmas morning. You will no doubt remember as the family gathered around a few weeks ago to decorate the tree as it was such a special moment and important part of the Christmas. Remember how the place of honor was reserved for a Snowman placed with pride on top of your tree.

Some of the decorations on your tree may be a little worn but they bring back memories of Christmas past so you continue to use them. Soon your Snowman Christmas Tree Topper will be a cherished ornament as well to be brought out each year and help bring back memories of enjoyable times.

Having a Christmas tree is a tradition of this festive season and you want it to look beautiful for the family and friends that visit. Kids of course will find it magical as it is the center of your holiday celebrations. Pets too are drawn to the glitter and color of the decorations. Be sure that the decoration that will stand out the most is at the top, your Snowman Tree Topper. It will certainly be remembered as it is a little different than many styles of tree toppers.

Once upon a time a star or angel could be expected to be sitting on top of your tree. Today, whether you have a live or artificial tree people use all sorts of decorations to theme it and it all starts with the tree topper. One choice if you want to theme your tree is a lively snowman capped with a colorful hat.

After careful research I have picked three of the best, all with positive reviews on Amazon and all with an average ratings of 4 out of 5 or better.

Table of Contents: 16″ Foam Tree Topper / 9 1/2″ Foam Topper / 7″ Hand Painted Glass

Snowman Head with Santa Hat Christmas Tree Topper

Snowman Head with Santa Hat Christmas Tree TopperThe first selection is a tall 16 inches, but is quite lightweight as it is made of foam. The snowman has a warm friendly smile, a festive red Santa hat and traditional fabric carrot nose.

  • 16 inches tall
  • Red Santa hat with plaid trim
  • Formed cone on the bottom to easily attach to your Christmas Tree
  • Made of lightweight Styrofoam
  • Black eyes and mouth
  • Unlit

Where to Buy?

Available from Amazon (cheapest) and on eBay (at a much higher price).

Also a smiling snowman made of foam, however this one has an elegant black top hat with a festive band and is slightly smaller in size.

  •  9 ½ inches tall
  • Head made of foam
  • Heavy paperboard top hat
  • 4 1/2’” x 5” opening to place on tree
  • Top hat has opening for a small plant

Best Price?

This tree topper is available from Amazon and eBay at a variety of higher prices.

Old World Christmas Vintage Snowman Tree Topper Glass OrnamentOld World Christmas Vintage Snowman Tree Topper Glass Ornament

Made in Germany this beautiful nostalgic glass ornament is hand painted with the class black top hat and a festive scarf.

  • 7 ¼ inches tall
  • Made in Germany
  • Hand painted
  • Ornament made of glass
  • Black top hat

Where to buy?

It was slightly more expensive on Amazon but eBay turned out to cost more after adding in the shipping charges.

Click here to see more choices. These Snowman Christmas Tree Toppers are adorable and you will love the way they look on your tree, pick out your favorite today!

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