String Puppets for Sale

Spark the imagination of your child with this selection of marionette string puppets. We feature a selection of animals, dragons, dogs, clowns and other whimsical people and a puppet theatre so that creating a show for friends and family has never been easier.

Remember the lonely goat and other fun puppets in the Sound of Music, why not create your own version of a similar string puppet show. These string puppets for sale toys make for hours of fun and is a gift much appreciated by any child.

Marionette Puppets for Kids

These are some of the most popular marionette string puppets for kids so you can create your own show. Of course Pinocchio is always a favorite, as is Little Red Riding Hood, the clown, medical staff along with the sunny girl and cool boy.

For example with these puppets you can using Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf from the next module the can recreated this fairy tale using your in your own way, how great is that? Another idea is by using the medical staff, cool boy and sunny girl create a hospital show. Click on the links below to check on current prices.

Pinnochio MarionettePinnochio Marionetteprice Girl MarionetteGirl Marionetteprice Silly Pirate MarionetteSilly Pirate Marionetteprice Sunny Puppets Bald Clown MarionetteSunny Puppets Bald Clown Marionetteprice

Animal Marionette Puppets

Everyone loves animals so win over your audience, usually family and friends, with these string puppets. Whether using a a lonely goat as in one famous movie, a duck, donkey or other animal marionettes they are sure to spark imagination and add to any show. You can even use the wolf with Little Red Riding Hood to create your own version of the famous tale. The donkey is cute as well and can be a great story teller like in Shrek. Check them out below.

Sunny Puppets Baby Camel MarionetteSunny Puppets Baby Camel Marionetteprice Sunny Puppets Grey Baby Goat MarionetteSunny Puppets Grey Baby Goat Marionetteprice Donkey 16 Animal MarionetteDonkey 16″ Animal Marionetteprice Cow 18 Animal MarionetteCow 18″ Animal Marionetteprice 16 Baby Wolf (red)16″ Baby Wolf (red)price

Disney Marionettes

Create your own puppet show for family and friends with everyone”s favorite mouse, Mickey. Joining Mickey Mouse is Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and other Disney characters for a colorful and fun time.

Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore for Enesco Marionette Mickey Mouse Figurine 7.25 INDisney Marionette Mickey Mouse Figurine 7.25 INprice Jim Shore Steamboat Willie MarionetteSteamboat Willie Marionetteprice Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore for Enesco Marionette Donald Duck Figurine 7.25 INDisney Marionette Donald Duck Figurine 7.25 INprice Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore for Enesco Marionette Goofy Figurine 7.25 INDisney Marionette Goofy Figurine 7.25 INprice Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore for Enesco Marionette Minnie Mouse Figurine 7.25 INDisney Marionette Minnie Mouse Figurine 7.25 INprice Jim Shore Disney Tinker Bell MarionetteDisney Tinker Bell Marionetteprice

More Marionette Puppets

Animals are always entertaining to watch so with some delightful puppets on strings featuring cats, monsters and others from the jungle you can create a great show. Yes the monkey is fun and panda is cute so with these marionette puppets you can create a fun show for friends and family. Everyone loves man”s best friend so why not include a string puppet dog to your show. These goofy looking and fun loving string puppets will soon become favorite toys.

White Cat 18 MarionetteWhite Cat 18″ Marionetteprice Monkey (Monkey) Small MarionetteMonkey (Monkey) Small Marionetteprice Silly Educational Products - Green Silly Monster Marionette - 16 tall from head to toeGreen Silly Monster Marionette – 16″ tallprice Panda Bear Marionette #PA2011Panda Bear Marionetteprice Pink Poodle 18 MarionettePink Poodle 18″ Marionetteprice

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