WalkStool for Hiking

What is a Walkstool? Recently I was on a guided walking holiday in Umbria, Italy. Most of my fellow hikers were from England and they always seem to have some hiking gear that I do not see frequently in North America.

We were hiking along the top of a mountainous ridge when we stopped for lunch. Due to the strong winds we actually stopped on the slope to stay out of the wind.

One of the group pulled out the WalkStool Comfort, made in Sweden. Stored in a convenient case this 2.2 pound stool is perfect for this situation with three telescoping legs to keep you level on uneven terrain. The WalkStool Comfort is the best model for hiking.

The primary benefit of the Walkstool is the prevention of back strain or fatigue while keeping you elevated to a comfortable height. It is strong enough to hold a hiker, regardless of your weight. You can also sit on it without extending the legs if on hilly terrain.

I pulled out my foam mat and look with envy at my colleague. At least he let me try it.


What is good about the Walkstool

Portable – with a compact size transporting of these sub-two pound stools is a breeze, as it collapses into a compact form that can be easily carried in a backpack.

Adjustable height – The Walkstool Comfort line features lightweight and ultra-portable stools with two height positions depending on whether the telescoping legs are extended or not.

Load strength–┬áThe primary benefit of the Walkstool is the prevention of back strain or fatigue while keeping a person elevated to a comfortable height.

Who the Walkstool is intended for

  • Hikers
  • Campers and other outdoor enthusiasts
  • Sports events
  • Press photographers who spend many hours on their feet, squatting or on their knees
  • Simply anyone who needs a seat in a location where a comfortable chair may be hard to come by

Walkstool Features and Specifications

  • WalkstoolPortable
  • Swedish design
  • Lightweight and compact aluminum construction
  • Unique with 3 telescoping legs for uneven terrain
  • Comfortable while hiking (everyone with envy you), ergonomic and big seat
  • Comfort line has large rubber feet to prevent sinking in mud
  • Durable, high quality and load capacity
  • Some models come with a carrying case

Also popular with hikers is the Walkstool Comfort 26″ inch XXL Compact Stool

Customer Reviews

There were many positive reviews for this stool. Numerous reviewers commented on how solidly built it is. Several also stated they were big guys and it worked great.
Some reviewers reminded us that this stool is wonderful for short periods but is not designed to sit on for long periods of time.
Very lightweight and portable with lots of reviewers mentioned it is built to be rugged and has huge feet that make it so secure.
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Keep yourself in comfort while hiking with this lightweight and compact stool.
The Walkstool comes is various sizes with the comfort model the best type for hiking.


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